Layout Format Specification

This page contains the specification of BRE format.

The folder should contain at least 3 files:

  • BRE file – CVS-like file describing the layout (semicolon or comma as the separator, number of separators at the end of line doesn’t matter)
  • JPG or PNG image that shows the layout (preferred: 800×480 for horizontal layouts or 480×800 for portrait layout)
  • JPG or PNG image that shows the layout with all keys pressed (the same dimension as above)

Look at the example:


Comment;Author:  Example;;;;;;;
Description;Long description of example



Details of the BRE format:

Field Description Parameters
Name Name displayed in the 1st line TEXT
Image File name of the main image FILE_NAME
PressedImage File name of the pressed image FILE_NAME
Miniature File miniature to display in options (72×72 pixels) FILE_NAME
Comment Comment displayed in 2nd line TEXT
Description Long description (doesn’t appear anywhere) TEXT
Button Definition of simple field X,Y,WIDTH,HEIGHT,KEY_CODE
Key Definition of hardware key BADA_CODE, KEY_CODE

KEY_CODE is the one of codes presented at Keyboard or Mouse API page. “VK_” prefix is optional (VK_A and A have the same meaning). Key combination may be reached using “+” sign (eg. “CTRL+C”)

BADA_CODEs are described on the page:

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