Feature list

Current wish-list of Remote Desktop application:

Description Progress [%] Available in version
Mouse wheel 100% (Done) 1.0
Hardware keyboard support (Wave 533) 100%(Done) 1.0
Customizable auto-hold of control keys (SHIFT, CTRL, ALT) 100%(Done) 1.1
Cursor-oriented steering in remote desktop 100%(Done) 1.1
Password-based authentication 100% (Done) 1.2
server’s domain name acceptable 20%(Investigation) ?
Languages other than English 10%(Investigation) ?
Audio support (redirection from PC to Phone) 10%(Investigation) ?
VNC-compatibility 10%(Investigation) ?
RDP compatibility 10%(Investigation) ?

One thought on “Feature list

  1. hi
    i couldn’t resist when i saw this
    Languages other than English 10%(Investigation) ?
    so i translated your app to my native language to help you out
    my native language is arabic
    here is the translation file hope you find it helpful
    forgive me if there is any mistakes
    hope we get the paid app store in the middle east soon to buy your full app

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