List of new features in Remote DesktopV1.1

Thank all for the suggestions of new features to implement in next version.

I’ll try to complete all requests in this post:

  • symbols available on the remote keyboard (comma, dot, F1-F12, etc…) – probably done by extra “Fn” key (that would display the alternative keyboard layout)
  • Mouse Wheel on the right
  • hmm, what else…

6 thoughts on “List of new features in Remote DesktopV1.1

  1. WOW! thank you for such a magical app. I loved this app when I downloaded it on to my Wave the when it became available and I thought it couldn’t get any better until I started using it more often.

    The continuous updates make very useful because with things like the scroll feature that didn’t work for me in previous versions I now see that you’ve fixed this its really good, though there is one SUGGESTION I have for another fix you can make…

    My seggestion is, could you make some sort of an exception handler for when I use the app to make my PC go to sleep, so the phone can bring up like a MsgBox to say connection lost or PC gone to sleep. I have done this twice before and when the PC goes to sleep the app on the Wave becomes unresponsive and then the phone restarts so it would be great if the app can handle this better and not make the phone crash.

    Thank you for the most useful app in Samsung Apps 🙂

  2. Hello! Can you implement the function of “audio server” for this program? It should be fantastic if we can listen the internal audio of the pc from the smartphone with earphones in the bed while we are watching a film!

  3. dude..
    thanks for your efforts,
    you dont really have to make the actual buttons..
    the short-cuts..
    just make a button for each short-cut
    for example (a button that emulates alt-tab, another that emulates ctrl-alt-delete)

    again.. thanks..

  4. hallo das remonte desktop is cool hatt nur fehler
    1 mann kann die tastatur nicht manual starten in bada app
    2 login fehlt
    3 were es schön wenn man das auch hinter router nutzen kann
    4 manual prot änderrung bei RemoteDesktopServerSetup105.exe

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