Remote Desktop V1.0.6 sent to approve

Main changes:

  • symbols available on the remote keyboard (comma, dot, F1-F12, etc…) – Black_cat’s layouts used
  • Mouse Wheel on the right (scrollable and clickable)

The package was sent to Samsung on 23.01.2011, So it should be available for users in ~1 week.

7 thoughts on “Remote Desktop V1.0.6 sent to approve

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  3. And for multi pc on same local, please add port section on pc software part. We can change port from phone but pc software got only one port for connection, no choice. I have 2 computers to use and router port forwards 8899 to one local adress. Thanks again with your wonderful job. And you can add donate us thing to your website. I’m sure some of us support this succesful job for more to come.I’m subscribed =)

  4. Good work here! Thank you for your efforts. I’m trying to help you to improve,
    I’m waiting for new gui, no need to say that.
    I’m using dns service provider for my home client, so i can’t use my adress. I’m trying to connect with 3G to, it’s allowed to write string to ip textbox but software shutdowns when i try to connect. You can fix this. Please inform me.

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